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The influx of emerging design trends and the blending of related multi-disciplinary fields in design lead our team to diversify our Design Services. EAB Design offers multiple Specialized Allied Services which are often needed to complete, complement, and satisfy our client's project needs and requirements. This service deals with specialized fields and related technical expertise meant to enhance our Design Services, as well as our clients, experience in building their future homes. By offering an array of diversified fields of services, we provide a more personalized experience by enhancing the design expectations of our clients both in the Exterior and Interior components of the Project.


EAB's Architectural Interiors involve the planning, designing, retrofitting, rehabilitation, and expansion of enclosed / indoor spaces. This is one of our must-have services as our Architectural Interiors Services provides you with an immersive spatial experience where our clients can visually conduct a live virtual walkthrough of their dream home. 

Our company uses real-time rendering & virtual reality tools that allow our clients to instantly depict their interior spaces in detail. We can showcase our designs in every single angle which can be navigated in every single corner of our Interior Design. 


A well-balanced design is achieved by strategically planning both the built and natural environment. Our team provides Site Development and Planning Services that are responsive to the current zonal / local ordinances, and national building codes, but most especially the natural environment. 

Balancing all these considerations is paramount in our Site Development and Planning Service as we strive to provide Functionally sound environments, visually appealing and most of all responsive to the preservation and enhancement of the Natural Environment. 


The need to design and control a good lighting design amplifies the overall aesthetics of the interior spaces. Interior Components like walls, ceilings, and floors are enhanced by an exemplary lighting design which eventually sets the mood of the space. 

Our Architectural Interiors coupled with our lighting design strive to create a space that is both flexible, compatible, and cohesive with the overall spatial experience. 

EAB's Architectural Lighting design is an accessory service whose function is imperative to the overall design of the enclosed space. 


We put emphasis both on the Aesthetic and Structural Integrity of our Building Designs.  Our Team of Civil Engineers provides a detailed design that is consistent and based on the Architectural Design. 

Our structural designers are qualified to design multiple structural frameworks that are Structurally sound and cohesive with our client's overall budget. 


Our Design strives to complement every sensory experience. The use of the space typically dictates the acoustic design and sound transmission. EAB Design Studi provides designs the coincide with your spatial needs both in form and function. 

Controlling Sound in an enclosed space is one of our design priorities and complements our Architectural Interior Services. Our team has accumulated years of technical experience in building multiple-family dwellings most especially condominium where Acoustic Design places a specialized yet distinct priority in the design and construction process. 


As we strive to become a firm that caters to all your diversified design needs, we provide detailed MEPF Design. 

  • Mechanical 

  • Electrical

  • Plumbing / Sanitary 

  • Fire Protection

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