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The EAB Design Studio story started on June 20, 2015, founded with the fundamental principle - "Passion to CREATE" designs committed to Transforming Creative Vision into Reality. We believe that an Exceptional Design in its collective sense should strive to give the experience of a Home, which is the foundation of every thriving society. We pride ourselves to be not just designers and creators of well-crafted structures, at the same time we distinctly aspire to be builders of homes.

As we continue to raise the standard of our Designs, we ultimately aspire to make a difference in the world. We strive to create, innovate and motivate to form every building as a work of art, that will eventually serve as a catalyst for creating communities that seamlessly blend with its inherent environment and become a beacon of positive urban and social change.

Our in-depth experience in the industry has enabled us to create designs bespoke to our client's needs and most of all the project's environment. Our approach to architecture and design, in general, is not predetermined by any style but rather, our formula is to treat every project that mirrors our client's needs and lifestyle. Creating Architecture that mirrors the human experience, engineered to be timeless. 

With numerous design projects in our portfolio, we are proud to showcase the EAB Design Studio signature of crafting inspired designs for our clients. Join us as we take you on a journey to Experience the Art of Building Your Home.

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