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Building your Dream Home or designing the ideal space for your business may seem to be a daunting task in the beginning. And it's hard selecting the right professionals to convey your ideas on paper and translate them into reality. Being unsure of this meticulous process and what it entails surely is a daunting one. That's why we've outlined our process for our clients to better understand the systematic experience and the Art of Building their Home.  In our Regular Design Services, we cover a detailed step-by-step process, EAB Design Studio along with our Partners act as Owner’s/ Client's/ Proponent’s Adviser and/or Representative.

In our pursuit to translate our clients' needs, space requirements, and preferences, we strive to provide the best manner of professional service. The Five (5) basic steps in our Regular Design Services include the Project Definition phase, Schematic Design Phase, Design Development Phase, Contract Documents Phase, Construction Observation Phase. This is outlined for our clients to better understand the different phases in our Design Process from which our clients can easily understand and track the Design Progression. 

Our Regular Design Services cover the various aspects of the project, EAB Design Studio will be with you every step of the way as we act as your Representative and adviser from Project Inception to Project Implementation. 


Defining the project and its requirements is the stepping stone of our Design Process. In this step, our clients usually inform us of their preliminary vision and needs from the project. In turn, our professionals inform the client of the different technical requirements and prevalent laws related to the Project coupled with our initial fees. 


This stage is where the conceptual framework of the project begins. Our Team conducts a series of interviews and meetings to understand full well our client's lifestyles, habits, background in order to translate all these considerations in their project. And finally, discovering the extent of the our Services. 


By now, the discovery phase of the project is already done, the Client and our Designers have already come up and settled with the final design.  Our team will now generate the Drawings, Technical Specifications that are necessary for bidding, construction, and building permit applications. 

Our Team prepares the complete Contract Documents consisting of detailed design and construction drawings from Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Plumbing / Sanitary, Mechanical, Electronics & communications. 


This is actually the first step in Designing the Project. Our Schematic Design Phase consists of the preparation of initial design studies derived from the Project Definition Phase, leading to conceptual plans.


Our Team evaluates the Client's budget, timeline, preferences, site while simultaneously conducting precedent research on general site analysis, zoning classifications, and verify building code stipulations that are specific to the project's development. 

The specified intent of the preliminary design is to discover the building's functionality, shape, and size. This gives our clients a clear conceptualized idea of how the building will look and function. ​


The last phase of our service is the construction observation phase, this phase is not the majority of our scope and most of our projects do not entail us doing full-time construction supervisory work. However, to safeguards our designs, our client's expectations, and matters related to the execution of work based on our design intent and verification if the approved contract documents are being followed. our team will soon offer DESIGN and BUILD SERVICES, where we act both as the Design and Construction entity for the project. To efficiently maximize our clients' valuable time, investment and to streamline our designs translating it to reality. 


At this juncture of our service, we usually answer questions that the owner or contractor may have during the construction process. On issues that arise due to unforeseen field conditions, our team assesses each matter which will, later on, lead to change order. In this case, it is normal for our team to consolidate information and reconcile additional service fees dependent on the variation order or additional scope of service. 


The third phase of our design process is the Design Development Phase. Based on approved schematics and conceptual drawings, this phase is where our clients usually Experience the Art of Building their Home. From which this process entails the collaboration between the client and our design professionals to discuss in detail the selection of materials, interior finishes, windows, doors cabinetry design,  appliances, etc. 

This phrase captures the design specifics that unravel the true essence and form of the structure compared to the schematic design. Allied professionals and engineering services are already taken into account in detail in the Design Development Phase. 

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