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"With Home Renovations, you can build a Home you've always dreamed of, with a few design tweaks and ingenuity without having any compromise."



Home is where the heart is, whether it's building a new one or trying to revamp/remodel an old building, of course, we want a home that reflects us in every way. Most of us are pondering if renovating a home is a worthwhile investment, compared to typically building a new structure from scratch. But with home renovations, you can build a home you've always dreamed of, with a few design tweaks and ingenuity without having any compromise.


Take a look at our current Two-Storey Home Renovation and Expansion Project in partnership with our Construction Arm Twin Torres Construction Corporation. Mr. & Mrs. Ulnagan a young couple from Metro Manila purchased this 135 square meter property sometime around 2018, despite the property having an existing and unfinished structure, they fell in love with the place and envisioned a home for their growing family.


Every family has its own needs, Our Team was adamant in trying to future-proof a home design for Mr. & Mrs. Ulnagan that is a reflection of their lifestyle. Along with our clients, we opted to open up & expand the ground floor to make the space bigger than what it really is. Allocating a spacious kitchen coupled with an array of window sizes to let in natural light and ventilation. With careful space planning considerations the second-floor houses 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1 music room, and a proposed office for their spare room. Each room having a distinct character depending on the intent and purpose of the space yet still coincides with the overall design.


The facade of the home was renovated to give a Modern Tropical Character, we designed the facade with white walls, large windows, canopies, and light-colored wood accents and trellises to give ample lighting and ventilation while at the same time providing sun-shading elements that protect the interior spaces from the harsh afternoon sun. Personally, home renovations give our team an elevated level of excitement. Trying to work around different design solutions, translating our clients' preferences, and giving them maximum comfort without any compromise is what makes our creative insights flourish. Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Ulanagan for trusting us with your home design.

PROJECT TILE: Corner Lot Two-Storey | Home Renovation & Expansion
LOT AREA: 135.00 SQM 
2nd & 3rd FLR: 102.22 SQM 
LOCATION: Bloomfields Subdivision, Novaliches Quezon City, Philippines

3 - Bedrooms 

1 - Guest Bedroom

1 - Office 

1 - Music Room 

3 - Baths

Open Living, Dining, Formal Kitchen 

Service Kitchen 


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