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"Designed to be Aesthetically Pleasing, Functional, Elegant, yet Affordable"


This Modern Two-Storey with 4-bedroom home design is situated in a 192 square meter lot, designed for a young couple, this home design that strives to harmonize and coincide between maximizing the client's property, providing adequate open spaces in the exterior, while taking to account the client’s limited budget.


The client wanted to have an open reverse plan design on the Ground floor, as you enter the main entrance of this home, you are immediately greeted by the Modern Formal Kitchen. This reverse plan design is typically found on Metropolitan condominiums for utilitarian purposes. But in this case the formal kitchen doubles as the receiving area for guests, hence the large breakfast nook counter.


This home was designed to have a modern architectural character, unique and eye-catching from the typical façade design of neighboring houses, and wows visitors as they see the minimalist interiors. This home was carefully designed to have strategic accent walls and ceilings to make it appear elegant and grand despite having a minimal budget. Design to be functional, aesthetically pleasing yet affordable.


Here at EAB Design Studio, we always take into account our client’s budget before designing. Nowadays it may be intimidating to know what your dream home is really worth. But with a few design tweaks, smart planning, and value engineering here and there, you can always build the dream home you’ve always aspired and deserved at an affordable yet reasonable price.   

Lot Area: 192 SQM | Total Floor Area: 186.48 SQM
No. of Floors: 2
No. of Bedrooms: 4
No. of Bath: 3


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