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Design Cost Efficiency Consultant

A Licensed Civil Engineer, ASEAN Engineer Registered, Certified Professional Engineering Management, and a Masters Degree in Construction Management, are just a few of the numerous accolades of Engr. Rowena Lipar - Duay. Rowena is one of our consultants specializing in Cost and Procurement Management. Her expertise in cost and procurement ranges from the Pre to post-construction phase. As a consultant in this field, Rowena has proven to be an expert in providing sound and economical input even in the early stages of the Project's Design Inception or Pre-design Phase.

The feasibility of our designs is predominantly due to her involvement in providing a magnitude of cost efficiency-related study/analysis and how it affects the overall design namely: cost plan analysis in the pre-design stage, bill of quantities and pre-tender estimates, and detailed layout value engineering reports.

Her expertise in the abovementioned fields has spearheaded the cost efficiency of our designs without sacrificing the overall design intent moreover meeting our clients' expectations both on their aesthetic preference and allocated budget.

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