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CEO & Principal Architect

Architect Emmanuel Bustillo founder of EAB Design Studio, a proud graduate of Western Mindanao State University, found his calling in Architecture and things Design related. From the inception of his career as an Architectural Apprentice in 2011, he started designing an array of building types, from Residential to commercial spaces in his hometown in Zamboanga City.

After passing the Board Exams, he then transitioned his career moving up the corporate rank to Assistant Manager in one of the flagship and premiere real estate development companies in the Philippines. Having a firm knowledge and passion for Architectural design coupled with a strong construction management background tasked to develop prime residential and commercial buildings he used this expertise to create his firm EAB Design Studio in 2015.

He has always had a passion for design with a keen eye for details, knowing full well that the key to an exceptional design is not just how you envisioned it. But how it's being executed in real life, providing a more immersive design experience to clients with unparalleled quality that exceeds their expectations.

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