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Engineering Technical Design Consultant

Architects and Engineers often face technical challenges in both the Design and Construction process. Engr. Archelo Duay is the link between Design and Construction. His technical experience in the Design and Construction management process and a keen eye for details can distinctly identify discrepancies in the engineering designs in relation to the Architectural Design Intent.

Providing technical solutions is Archelo's forte as he provides significant inputs as early as the early stages of the design process. His experience in the field of construction management and involvement in a range of engineering design management has helped our team improve our Engineering and Architectural details bespoke and concise to the needs of the project.

Engr. Archelo's detailed assessment and review of our project's design and field technical issues has predominantly shaped and improved the way see the overall engineering design system that has resulted in finding unique ways to resolve problems without affecting the overall aesthetic intent, engineering framework, and completion of the project.

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