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SVP for Marketing

Creative, Industrious, and highly motivated: that’s how people would describe our Senior Vice – President for Marketing Anabeth Duay – Bustillo. She is one of the main proponents in Building the EAB Design Studio Brand and overseeing our social media activities. She has an excellent intuition when it comes to building a brand's identity and all things related to social media marketing and current trends.

Passionate in her current work, she finds her time researching current business and social media trends that will directly or indirectly influence the market and our brand. As a former BPO she emphasizes client satisfaction and customer service as the epitome and driving force of our company's service and business goals. Her natural acumen for Digital Marketing proved to indispensable during the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, where most people are working in the comforts of their home, she was the main advocate in aggressively publishing our content on various social media platforms to further build our company's image.

Anabeth is a perfectionist when it comes to photography, she is proactive in providing inputs on our Architectural Designs especially our rendering outputs. Her passion for Photography provides an outsider's perspective which has drastically improved Architectural Visualization and renderings. And thus has consequently benefited our social media Marketing.

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